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Vizio's 58-inch 21:9 CinemaWide TV coming in March for $3,499, 50- and 71-inch models in 2H 2012

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Vizio has announced its 58-inch 21:9 CinemaWide HDTV will be available in March for $3,499.


Although Vizio announced its new 58-inch CinemaWide HDTV at CES last month it held back on pricing and a few key specs. The company filled in the rest of the blanks today, letting us know that the set will cost $3,499 when it arrives in March, followed by 50- and 71-inch models (at to-be-announced prices) in the second half of the year.

The ultra wide display features a 21:9 aspect ratio, allowing viewers to watch widescreen movies full-screen without those ever-present black bars, while "regular" 16:9 widescreen content can either be upscaled to fit the wider screen, or the extra space can be used to show Facebook, Twitter, or other widgets available on Vizio's Internet Apps platform (made more useful by the bundled Bluetooth remote with keyboard). Other specs include 2560x1080 resolution, passive 3D (4 pairs of glasses included), a 120Hz refresh rate, and 5 HDMI ports. While the LED edge lit panel is slim at only 1.8 inches deep, you might want to double check that you have the nearly five feet of horizontal space you'll need in your living room to hoist the thing up on your wall. The press release says the set should be available for pre-order from Vizio's site, but so far is just offering to let you sign up for notifications.