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Netflix for Android updated with Facebook sharing features for international users

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Netflix for Android has been updated to version 1.7, adding Facebook sharing features, but not for users in the US.

Netflix android update facebook 600
Netflix android update facebook 600

Netflix for Android tablets and phones has just been updated to version 1.7, adding the Facebook sharing features users on other platforms have been enjoying since last year — but if you live in the US, all you'll be getting is software volume controls for tablets and improved audio and video syncing. Since being announced last September, Canadian and Latin American Netflix customers have been able to share what they're watching on Facebook, and the feature has since been added for users in the UK and Ireland. The US remains off the list due to a 1988 law that prevents video rental services from disclosing users' viewing habits without written consent. Netflix recently went before the Senate Judiciary Committee to speak in favor of amending the law, but there's still no word on bringing it up to speed with the reality of online distribution.

For those lucky enough to live in a market where Facebook sharing is enabled, the process of spamming your timeline from Android is pretty simple. When you launch the updated Netflix app, it will ask you to link your Facebook account. After that, everything you watch will be posted to your timeline unless you toggle the feature off in the video playback controls. The app also shows what your Facebook friends have recently watched alongside your own queue and suggestions.