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Replica Portal Gun goes up for pre-order in Japan

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NECA will start selling a replica of the Portal gun from April, and will give full details at the Toy Fair next week.

Epic Portal Guns
Epic Portal Guns

Here's one for fans of Valve's Portal series — a "full-sized" model of Aperture Science's Handheld Portal Device. Made by American collectible manufacturer NECA, it features both blue and orange portal modes and by all accounts looks to be a pretty exquisite replica that only serves to boost your geek kudos.

The gun is on pre-order in Japan for ¥16,000 (around $200) and is slated for an April release. Before you run to grab your credit card, NECA states that it will unveil the gun for the American market at the International Toy Fair in New York. US pricing is expected to be around $120, so hold tight and you'll be treated to a much cheaper replica. We'll be at the Toy Fair next week, and will do our best to bring you some hands-on footage of the gun — so stay tuned!