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Apple officially kills white MacBook, no longer sold to schools

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The white MacBook has officially reached the end of its life, as Apple is no longer selling the device to educational institutions.

White MacBook
White MacBook

The white MacBook is no more. While the computer had been unavailable to the rest of us since last July, Apple continued to sell it to the educational market. But that's no longer the case, as Apple has notified resellers that the white MacBook is classified as "End of Life," presumably because the remaining stock has been sold out. At what point production ended is unclear, but it's even listed as out of stock in the refurbished section of Apple's store, where it normally sells for $849. The white MacBook had been positioned as a relatively low-cost alternative for schools, but with the textbook-focused iBooks 2 and the new iTunes U app, that designation could very well shift to the iPad.