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'Super Meat Boy' might be going mobile

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Indie platforming hit Super Meat Boy might be on its way to mobile platforms — if the developers can sort out the controls.

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy has already sold one million copies on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, and now it might be going mobile too. According to a series of tweets on the Super Meat Boy account, a new version of the game is currently in a prototype state and is being designed from the ground-up with touch controls in mind. Considering how important solid controls were to the original and how difficult they can be to pull off well on a touch screen device, the new version is described as a "re-envisioning" rather than a port — though the team was quick to point out that it will still be "a larger more traditional game." That is, if it gets released at all — one tweet stated that if the controls aren't right the game won't be released. No potential platforms were announced, but given Team Meat's thoughts on Apple's app store, we'd expect to see it hit Android devices first.