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Amazon Kindle coming to Japan as early as April, says Nikkei

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Amazon is reportedly set to bring its Kindle ebook reader line to Japan, with a potential launch coming as early as April.

Kindle Touch
Kindle Touch

Kindle is on its way to Japan. That's according to Nikkei, which today reports that Amazon is set to bring its popular line of ebook readers to the country as soon as April, with pricing believed to come in at less than 20,000 yen ($260). The news also indicates the Kindle Touch is slated to be the flagship offering for the Japanese market, signaling that Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet will probably be notably absent when the e-reader line goes on sale. Unfortunately, that trend is nothing new; the Fire has remained a US exclusive as its Kindle brethren have spread to other international territories. As for connectivity, much like the agreement it has with AT&T in the United States, Amazon will reportedly partner with NTT Docomo to offer complimentary 3G data access to those purchasing compatible models.