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AT&T to double cost of upgrading devices to $36 on February 12th

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AT&T is reportedly planning to increase the fee it charges customers for upgrading new devices, raising the cost from $18 to $36.

AT&T upgrade increase
AT&T upgrade increase

Apparently the increased cost of AT&T's newly-reworked data plans isn't going to cut it: based on a supposed company memo provided to us by a friendly tipster, and now confirmed directly by Engadget, the carrier will be doubling its existing $18 upgrade fee to $36. AT&T cites an increase in "costs associated with upgrading a device" as the primary factor for the price hike, though stops short of offering specific figures to back up that reasoning. The document points to February 12th as the day the new policy takes effect, so if you were considering upgrading your AT&T handset in the near term, you may want to expedite those plans to save a few bucks.

Though the new rate is sure to draw its fair share of customer ire, it should be pointed out that AT&T is not the only major US carrier to hit the $36 mark; Sprint made precisely the same move last year.

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