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European Space Agency developing head-mounted computer assisted surgery

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The European Space Agency is developing a wearable device which will enable regular citizens to perform minor surgery on one another by way of computer assistance.


Researchers at the European Space Agency are currently in active development of some insane technology which could directly affect our ability to care for ourselves and others... if it ever comes to market in any form. The Computer Assisted Medical Diagnosis and Surgery System, or CAMDASS, the device will be head-mounted, and will give the wearer specific, guiding instructions on how to perform minor surgeries on another person, even if they have no background in medicine.

Now, the idea of your best friend operating on you might sound like a really bad idea, but imagine that you're in space, and you've got a rather urgent medical situation, and there isn't a doctor onboard your... ship? You'd rather have your buddy take care of the issue than nobody, right? Well, this project could insure that in the event that ever occurs, your friend won't be completely without assistance. The helmet will be loaded with basic medical information to help the lay person identify what type of surgery is needed based on symptoms and ailments, and then perform the surgery, and the information is all delivered within the operator's field of view, and the entire system will be self-contained. CAMDASS is currently in prototype phase.