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Android tablets lag even defunct HP TouchPad in downloading USA Today's app

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USA Today's tablet app download numbers have leaked, and Android is last, even behind HP's defunct TouchPad.

USA Today Tablet numbers
USA Today Tablet numbers

As if we needed something else to remind us of HP's TouchPad, an internal slide from USA Today has the now-defunct tablet besting all Android tablets when it comes to downloads of the news organization's app. The slide, sent anonymously to GeekWire, has downloads for the webOS device pegged at 250,000 — 120,000 downloads more than all Android tablets. The Kindle Fire beats them both with 260,000 downloads, an impressive number for having been on the market for under three months. Worth noting is that the TouchPad downloads are less surprising when you consider HP's $99 fire sale last year boosted it into second place in NDP Group's sales rankings for 2011, but it's still troubling for Android. But like the previous NDP numbers, the race isn't even close when factoring in the iPad — it attracted 2.9 million downloads of USA Today's app, over 4 times as many as the others platforms combined. On the smartphone side, Windows Phone is sharing Android's tablet experience: the iPhone and Android handets clocked 4.8 million and 3.1 million, respectively, while Microsoft's platform sits in a distant third with 80,000 downloads.

Of course this is only the experience of one app, and there are many more iPads out there than other tablets, but this is further proof that we're still living in a one-tablet world. And that people really did seem to like the $99 TouchPad.