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Aviary photo editing tech available to Windows Phone developers soon

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Aviary, which lets app developers add photo editing tools to their products, will soon be available as a Windows Phone SDK.

Aviary Android
Aviary Android

The team behind Aviary will soon be offering its brand of free-to-implement photo editing tools to Windows Phone developers. Already available as an SDK for iOS and Android, as well as a web-based widget, Aviary lets app and web developers add photo editing functionality to their own products with an embeddable tool that's free, but offers premium content like additional visual effects. It can provide apps with tools like cropping and red-eye removal, though it doesn't add Instagram-style image sharing. The company already counts like the likes of imgur, Halftone, and Rockmelt as partners, and is hoping to expand its roster with the Windows Phone SDK, which is set to be released in around a month and a half. According to Aviary VP (and former Microsoft veteran) Paul Murphy, Microsoft's mobile platform was particularly attractive due to new photography-focused devices like Nokia's Lumia 900.