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Mac Walters discusses the challenge of writing 'Mass Effect 3'

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Ross Miller interviews Mac Walters, the lead writer for 'Mass Effect 3'.


Earlier this week, our very own Ross Miller attended EA's launch event for Mass Effect: Infiltrator, the first iOS entry for the series. While there, he was able to spend some time talking with Mac Walters, the lead writer for Mass Effect 3, the conclusion to BioWare's trilogy. As with many trilogies, there's often a feeling that the final installments were tacked on after the first became a success, but Walters notes that "we knew it was going to be a trilogy right from the get-go" and that "[director] Casey [Hudson]'s vision for it has been very unwavering."

That doesn't mean that Walters wouldn't go back and change some things if he was able to — he specifically cites the suicide mission at the end of Mass Effect 2 where lots of important characters can die as a particular pain point, saying "that was a check that we wrote that we're paying for now." But he feels it ultimately made Mass Effect 2 a great game, and that the writing team has managed to overcome it in the third installment through "sheer effort." For more from Mac on the specific choices he's made while playing through the series, the types of writers he works with, and what (if anything) we might see from the Mass Effect franchise in the future, check out the video below.