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Acer fights sagging sales in Europe with increased ad spending, high-end products

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Acer is doubling its marketing budget for Europe, reports The Financial Times. The region accounts for more than a third of the company's revenue.

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A couple of years ago, everyone was buying netbooks and conventional laptops, and a huge number of those had the Acer logo splashed across the case lid. Well, times have changed, people are buying smartphones and tablets, and the Taiwanese computer maker has fallen from number two to number four in worldwide PC sales. Making matters worse, Acer's been especially hard hit in Europe — a market that counts for more than a third of its revenue — with January numbers there down 46 percent year-over-year. The solution? The company is reinventing its image, doubling its European marketing budget and hiring high-powered ad firm Mother, aiming for a campaign that’s "more modern," with "a twinkle in the eye," reports The Financial Times. The company's attempt to reposition itself also includes the introduction of its over-$1,000 S5 ultrabook, and its iF Award-winning Android 4.0 CloudMobile smartphone.

News of the marketing push follows the announcement last week of a lawsuit against the company’s former president and CEO, Gianfranco Lanci, for breaching the noncompete clause in his contract. Between the new marketing direction, higher-end product roadmap, and management changes, Acer could look completely different in a couple of months.