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iPads reportedly confiscated by Chinese customs officers following Proview trademark infringement case

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Reports suggest that officials in China have begun to sieze iPads following Apple's loss of a trademark dispute with Proview Shenzen.

iPad 1 and iPad 2 hero
iPad 1 and iPad 2 hero

Chinese newspaper Hebei Youth Daily is reporting that 45 iPads have been confiscated from retailers by the province's Administration Industry and Commerce (AIC) officers. The seizure is prompted by a trademark dispute between Apple and Proview over the iPad name, with an appeal court ruling against Apple's claim to the iPad name in December last year. The tablets were taken from markets in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province, though reports claim that some retailers have hidden their stocks and will still sell you an iPad if asked. A Proview lawyer speaking to the AP says that the company "has asked authorities in more than 20 cities to investigate and to destroy promotional materials that violate its trademark."

Notably, Apple's Chinese online store continues to show all iPad SKUs as in stock, and China-centric blog MicGadget has visited one of the company's stores in Beijing (a municipality which neighbors Hebei) and found the product on display and being sold. Apple has not responded to our request to confirm the seizures or the possibility of them spreading to more cities beyond Shijiazhuang.