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On The Verge, Episode 003: Jimmy Fallon

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When Jimmy Fallon gets angry, he gets even. Also, he shows up as a guest on On The Verge, where he wows the crowd with his professional comedy antics and tales of his A-list lifestyle. We, the putty in his hands, barely got out alive. Still, Joshua, Nilay, and Paul managed to keep it together long enough to talk about their humdrum weeks — Paul went to GE's research labs, Nilay discovered a truck / boat hybrid, and Josh suffered a minor breakdown working on his iPad 3 launch date theories. On a more serious note, the team bid farewell to Joanna Stern in the only way they know how: to the heartfelt song stylings of Sarah McLachlan. After that, our musical guest George & Jonathan played us out in a lush 16-bits. You can find the whole show below, or you can consume it in bite-sized increments if you keep scrolling. We know you'll make the right decision.