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Droid 4 teardown shows a high-quality keyboard and lots of glue

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Teardown site iFixit takes apart the Motorola Droid 4, finding some solid hardware but a tricky process for many repairs.

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We've taken a look at the outside of the Droid 4, but what's hidden inside that half-inch of electronics? We've got the full results from iFixit, and it looks like the answer is... lots and lots of glue. The Droid 4 apparently has some excellent hardware, but the average user is going to have trouble getting to it. The battery, for instance, isn't supposed to be user-removable — a major departure from previous numbered Droid models — and taking it out requires fighting through a layer of strong adhesive.

The teardown revealed a few nice pieces of design, like a glass display that's separate from its underlying LCD, meaning that both won't have to be replaced if a screen is shattered. Likewise, the keyboard is apparently of excellent build quality. However, since its contacts are placed directly on the motherboard, it'll be difficult to replace if anything goes wrong. For a full photo set, click through to the source link below.