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Trend Micro expands security programs to the PlayStation Vita

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Trend Micro has expanded its Web Safety and Kids Safety browser protection products to the PlayStation Vita.

PS Vita
PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita might already have parental controls, but now Trend Micro wants to make sure your portable browsing experience is free from ultraviolence and phishing scams as well. Trend Micro Web Safety (for fraudulent or "malicious" websites) and Kids Safety (for "inappropriate or harmful content") have been expanded from the PSP and PlayStation 3 to the Vita — you can get a year of either one for $19.99, or both for $34.99. In order to get it, you'll need to actually order the tool online, then activate it in the Vita's browser settings. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you'll get a discount if you already use any other Trend Micro products.

We're not sure that anybody should be using a Vita for the kind of extensive browsing that could benefit from a security product like this — it's hard to imagine wanting to visit a banking website on a gaming console. Still, it could help anyone who's worried about landing on a phishing website or wants to keep a kid's browsing habits in line. If that sounds like you, Trend Micro's also offering a 90-day free trial.