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YouTube's new terms nix producer-set limits on cross-platform viewing

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YouTube has asked its content partners, who upload video to YouTube and split ad revenues, to agree to new terms that will require them to allow videos to be shown on all YouTube platforms.

YouTube Video Editor
YouTube Video Editor

Looks like the new YouTube app for Google TV has come with a change for video producers. Several content partners, who upload their videos to YouTube and then split the ad revenue with Google, have told AllThingsD that they've been asked to accept new terms that allow Google to play videos on any platform. Currently, some partners opt out of things like the iOS or Xbox YouTube app in hopes of getting a deal with a separate company or making their own app.

It's worth noting that this change is unlikely to apply across the board. Vevo, for example, is apparently going to be able to keep its videos off iOS, and other large producers will probably have sufficient clout to strike their own deals as well. Smaller producers, however, will have less power to negotiate for platform-specific deals, though we're not sure how common signing with a platform-specific company actually is. Meanwhile, the rest of us will soon be getting some extra videos on our non-web platforms.