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TiVo signs deal to license U-verse subscriber viewing stats from AT&T

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A new partnership between AT&T and TiVo will see TiVo utilizing AT&T's U-verse user data for research and advertising purposes.

Gallery Photo: TiVo Premiere 2.0 hands-on
Gallery Photo: TiVo Premiere 2.0 hands-on

It wasn't that long ago that AT&T and TiVo settled a DVR patent lawsuit that will pay TiVo at least $215 million over the next seven years — and now the two companies are teaming up with a new agreement that will see TiVo licensing data from AT&T's advertising network, AdWorks. Anonymous user viewing data from AT&T's U-verse set-top boxes — which, according to AT&T, can currently be found in 3.8 million homes — will be combined with TiVo's own data in order to provide a "better sampling" of US viewer behavior, which will be used for partnership deals with both advertisers and networks. Likely due to recent data privacy concerns involving companies like Path, the two companies were quick to point out that the new arrangement maintains their "commitment to protecting and maintaining customer privacy."