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PBS iOS apps provide a sneak peek at upcoming 'Clinton' documentary

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PBS is giving users of its free iOS apps an hour-long preview of the forthcoming American Experience documentary on former President Bill Clinton.

PBS iPad app Clinton Footage Preview
PBS iPad app Clinton Footage Preview

PBS will be be airing its documentary Clinton just in time for Presidents' Day, but iOS users can get an early look on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Starting today, PBS has made the first hour of the four-hour retrospective on former President Bill Clinton available for streaming on its iOS apps, free of charge. It joins over 250 hours of free video content on the app, which also features a TV schedule and a reminder calendar that can be synced with iCal to provide viewing alerts on the device itself. The preview has also been made available as a free download on Apple's iTunes store.

While online promotional previews are nothing new, PBS sees mobile users as a particularly important segment of the market, with nearly one third of the video streams the channel served this past January going to mobile devices. The documentary will air on television in two parts on February 20th and 21st, and will simultaneously be made available for streaming on the PBS website. The free PBS iOS apps are available for download now.