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Rumored Motorola Medfield phone images, camera specs surface

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Some renders of Motorola's first handset with an Intel Medfield chipset have surfaced on PocketNow. The phone is rumored to have an instant-on camera, shooting 15 fps.

motorola medfield 640
motorola medfield 640

What appear to be images of Motorola's first (but not last) handset with an Intel Medfield chipset and running Android 4.0 have shown up on Pocketnow. We first heard that Android was going to be optimized for Intel chips back in September, and got a look at Lenovo's K800 phone with a Medfield chipset in Las Vegas a month ago. Motorola's take on Medfield clearly sticks within its own design heritage, taking some cues from the Droid Razr and Droid 4, only with no capacitive buttons on the face, and in a lighter color than we're used to seeing on the company's devices. While details are slim, rumors say the phone's camera is going to be instant-on, and shoot 15 frames per second. It would be great if we could see the device at MWC in two weeks, but from these renders it's hard to know how close Motorola is to presenting something tangible.