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T-Mobile to show off 'latest and greatest' BlackBerry 7 technology on March 15th?

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T-Mobile is planning to show off some new BlackBerry technology on March 15th, most likely a version of the Torch 9850/9860 or an update to BlackBerry OS 7 features, such as Wi-Fi calling.

T-mobile blackberry invite
T-mobile blackberry invite

It looks like T-Mobile is planning to show off its "latest and greatest" BlackBerry technology at an event on March 15th in Washington, DC. But if you're hoping for a some info on BlackBerry 10, don't get your hopes up — the invitation's BlackBerry OS 7 logo is a bit too prominent to assume it's going to be anything but something related to the six-month-old OS. Our best guess would be the launch of a T-Mobile version of the Curve 9380, which would bring an all-touch BlackBerry device to every major US carrier. We also wouldn't rule out an update to some of the BlackBerry OS 7 features, like Wi-Fi calling, which currently isn't as elegant as the old UMA-based standard.

If BlackBerry 7 doesn't rev your engines, we do have some alleged images of BlackBerry 10 to tide you over until RIM decides to really show its "latest and greatest."