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Zooka Bluetooth speaker bar to bring 5 times the volume to iPad

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Kickstarter project Zooka from Portland design studio New is a soft Bluetooth speaker bar for the iPad.

zooka grey
zooka grey

We've been seeing plenty of wireless speakers and speaker docks for the iPad — some with Bluetooth, some with AirPlay — but most operate on the idea of using your tablet at some fixed point within your house. The Zooka Bluetooth speaker bar from Portland design firm New is trying something different — the soft, elliptical log slides onto the long edge of an iPad (or the lid of a MacBook or similarly-sized notebook), using the tablet as a dock rather than the other way around. Its designers are claiming the rechargeable battery gets eight hours of sound at five times the volume of what you'd get on the device's tiny speaker, and by having speakers on either end of the bar it should make it harder to muffle the sound with your blankets during bedtime watching. Also, while it's compatible with any Bluetooth smartphone, tablet, or computer, there's a fallback 3.5mm jack just in case, and it will be available in five monochromatic color schemes. We have to say, the market for external speakers for mobile devices is pretty mature, but the portability and design of the Zooka have us interested. You can pre-order one for an $89 pledge at the link below, but estimated delivery isn't until August 12. For those who aren't familiar with Kickstarter projects, keep in mind that if New misses its funding goal of $25,000 you just get your cash back instead of a Zooka. That said, with more than a month and only a little over $5,000 to go, the company is well on its way.