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Inkling's Habitat is a professional interactive ebook maker

Inkling's Habitat is a professional interactive ebook maker


Inkling is releasing its Habitat interactive book making software for use by external groups, and says it has signed deals with several large publishers.

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Online publishing startup Inkling has created a new tool that it says will expand its reach to professional, large-scale publishers. Habitat, as the software is named, will use XML and HTML5 that can be read on a variety of platforms, including an upcoming Inkling web reader like the one launched by Chegg. In theory, it's similar to Apple's iBooks Author, but Habitat is designed for large teams of collaborators with sharing and collaboration tools. It also includes revision lists, with the option to revert a set of changes or push a series of revisions automatically to users' copies.

Inkling says that although Habitat is just now being released publicly, it's been used internally by the company since 2009 and has already signed up digital publisher Aptara and consulting group Innodata to use Habitat. Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis says the company has also made deals to use Habitat with several top-tier publishing houses. From what we've seen so far, Habitat isn't going to be adding more features for end users, but for large-scale publishers, this might be a way to ramp up production of interactive texts.