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Search for songs on Rdio, Spotify, and more simultaneously with Music Smasher

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A new search tool lets you search multiple music services at once.

Music Smasher
Music Smasher

With so many music services out there, searching for what you want to listen to can be an annoying task, especially if your musical taste is on the obscure side. Music Smasher attempts to make things just a bit easier by letting you search multiple services at once. Currently the site supports six different services — including Rdio, Spotify, Grooveshark, SoundCloud, MOG, and Bandcamp — and lets you you search any artist, song, or album, with results in the form of a list of songs and accompanying links. The actual search is dead simple, with only one filter in place that lets you limit your search to US catalogs. After a number of test searches Music Smasher was able to turn up mostly satisfactory results — though searching the Grooveshark catalog doesn't appear to be working at present, providing nothing but "undefined" results when we tested.