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Amazon MP3 Android app gets update with tablet optimization

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Amazon MP3 has released an update to its Android app that includes a new color scheme and optimized tablet layout.

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The Amazon MP3 app, which allows users to play their own music as well as that purchased and stored on the Amazon Cloud, has gotten an update to Version 2.4. This new update adds a new, darker color scheme, more prominent Shuffle and Play All buttons, and an optimized layout for tablets. On Android 4.0, you'll also get support for controls on the lock screen. US users will be getting personalized recommendations in the store as well.

The update, which was released today, has received generally positive responses for the UI and Ice Cream Sandwich controls, although a few people have mentioned some lag on the new app or other bugs. You can check out the full release notes, along with screenshots of the app, at the source link below.