T-Mobile Perspective on Paul Miller's IP Calling Post



I enjoyed your February 9 post about IP Calling, including your perspective on T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling service. While it is true we don’t expect Wi-Fi Calling to be featured front-and-center in an ad campaign, we continue to evolve and promote our Wi-Fi Calling service to offer consumers the ability to enjoy coverage where traditional networks don’t reach.

Today mobile phone users across the industry report issues with indoor coverage. Our Wi-Fi Calling service helps neutralize this issue by using customers’ existing Wi-Fi connection to provide great in-building service in areas where they may have low network coverage. In addition, our customers have also found that Wi-Fi Calling is helpful when traveling overseas as it’s a great way to avoid international roaming rates when calling back to the United States.

To help educate our customers on the availability of Wi-Fi Calling, we’ve made it so that when first time users activate Wi-Fi on any of our latest devices, a “Did-You-Know…” pop-up appears, informing them of Wi-Fi Calling and offering a tutorial. On the flip side, we also want the service to be as unobtrusive as possible, so our teams have worked hard to seamlessly integrate the feature into our handsets’ native functionality. A small number of devices launched without Wi-Fi Calling out of the box last year as the result of prioritizing our 4G chipsets to take advantage of T-Mobile’s faster 4G (HSPA+ 42) network technology. We have since fixed this gap through over-the-air maintenance releases.

We couldn’t agree more that the evolution of IP communications has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. Accordingly, in the future you will continue to see T-Mobile include Wi-Fi Calling as a feature on the vast majority of our smart phones. As a pure play wireless company, we will continue to leverage and embrace the power of IP communications to bring seamless, cost-effective connections to consumers across networks and devices.

Kind regards,

Josh Lonn
Director, Product Management
T-Mobile USA