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'Portal' unofficially comes to Android thanks to the Unity Engine

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Some enterprising developers have begun to port Valve's Portal over to Android smartphones and tablets.

Portal for Android alpha screenshot 640
Portal for Android alpha screenshot 640

There's been a deluge of classic games making their way to Android smartphones and tablets lately, and it appears there's another one on the way — though it won't be coming through official channels. Some enterprising developers have ported Valve Corporation's Portal over to Google's mobile platform using the Unity development environment and game engine (Unity is also used by Android games like ShadowGun and M.U.S.E.). This is still very clearly a work in progress — it's listed as version 0.004 Beta — so the glitchy performance is to be expected, and it's certainly not sanctioned in any way. Still, we can't help but get excited at the prospect of one day carrying an official Portal port around in our pocket.