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Adobe shows off Photoshop CS6's content-aware move feature

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Adobe showed off Photoshop CS6's new content-aware move feature, allowing users to easily move around any object within a photo while still retaining a natural look.

CS6 content aware move
CS6 content aware move

Adobe has been previewing more and more CS6 features in the run up to its release, and today we have something significantly more interesting than its darkened UI. In a video posted to its YouTube channel, Adobe demonstrated a nice update to its content-aware fill tool introduced in CS5, but the real surprise is content-aware move, which adds the ability to easily move around any piece of a photo with minimal disturbance to the pixels around it and automatically replace the background in a natural way. You'll also be able to extend portions of a photo in the same way, eliminating artifacts that would come from stretching. The CS6 feature appears to be shockingly easy to use, requiring only a rough selection around the object you want to move or extend, with the Photoshop secret sauce taking care of the rest. We still don't have a firm release date for CS6, but you'll be able to doctor all the photos you want if you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud later this year.