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Hotmail down for an hour, Microsoft fixes it up (updated)

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Both the web and Windows Phone Hotmail clients are having trouble signing in today.

windows phone hotmail error
windows phone hotmail error

If you're feeling rejected by your email client on this post-Valentine morning, don't worry, it's not your fault. Microsoft's Hotmail has been having sign-in problems for the past hour, an issue that the company is aware of and actively trying to fix. We're encountering error messages on both the web client and on our Windows Phones. Checking the status page for Live services, only Hotmail appears to be having issues, so the rest of Microsoft's online products like SkyDrive and LiveID should still be functioning correctly.

Update: Although Microsoft's status page still marks Hotmail as being problematic, we've now seen access restored both on the web and mobile client and are hearing widespread reports that everything's back to normal.