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Puzzazz brings ebook handwriting recognition to the Kindle Touch

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Puzzazz has developed a method to recognize handwriting on a Kindle Touch, available within a Soduku ebook.


Redmond-based startup Puzzazz is bringing handwriting recognition to Amazon's Kindle Touch device. The company's TouchWrite technology recognizes handwriting and converts it into numbers and letters on the Kindle. Puzzazz has analyzed thousands of handwriting samples to create the software, debuting in Sudoku Unbound Volume 3. The technology is a first of its kind for the Kindle, which has limited memory and processor capabilities.

The Sudoku ebook recognizes written numbers and replaces them with digital versions in each cell of the puzzle using a variety of different methods. Users can pick from writing an invisible number in a cell, a large number across the screen, or smaller numbers that center the character over a cell. Although you won't be able to create the next great novel with the technology, Puzzazz believes this is the future of digital puzzle books. Don't expect to see it in all ebooks though, the company is not discussing licensing it to other developers at this point in time.