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Sony's Japanese comic store for PSP closing down in September

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Sony has announced its Japanese comic book store for PSP will be closing at the end of September.

manga psp comic
manga psp comic

Sony has announced it is putting an end to its Japanese comic download service for PSP at the end of September. The company said that the deadline for adding new comics will be at the end of March, and comic files and the Comic Reader application will no longer be available for re-download from December onward; although already-purchased comic content can be backed up to Sony's Media Go service if you want to use it past this deadline. In comparison, the Digital Comics Store for American PSP users saw its last update back in July, though what's on the store is still available for download. Manga fans shouldn't lose hope, however — the company says it's examining different ways for releasing digital books (including comics) on both its PlayStation and other non-PlayStation products.