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Kinect for Windows Media Center app adds gesture and voice control for $6.99

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Kinect for Media Center is now available, bringing voice and gesture navigation to Windows 7 Media Center.

Kinect Media Center
Kinect Media Center

Now that Microsoft's Kinect for Windows hardware is available, one particular developer has finalized his own application. Kinect for Media Center brings gesture and voice control support to the Windows 7 Media Center application for $6.99. Hand swipes, taps, pinches, holds, and waves all control individual aspects of the Media Center interface, alongside voice commands to navigate and control playback.

Brad Mauk, the developer behind Kinect for Media Center, has also built in a system to prevent audio from the Media Center interfering with any voice commands, providing playback is within a "reasonable" volume level. Gestures and voice commands can also be temporarily switched off if you're planning to dance around the room with loud music playing. Media Extenders (like the Xbox 360) are not supported and the software will only work with the new Kinect for Windows hardware due to a limitation by Microsoft. We would like to see this type of support natively in Media Center but it looks like the Windows 8 version will be identical to the existing Windows 7 app, leaving it up to developers to fill in the gaps.