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Collectible Android figures now available at Urban Outfitters

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A new line of collectible Android toys is available at North American Urban Outfitters locations, and will be coming to both FYE and Barnes & Noble, as well.

Yeti Android figure
Yeti Android figure

Now when you're out shopping for skinny jeans and ironic t-shirts, you'll be able to show love for your favorite mobile operating system too. A line of collectible toys featuring the Android robot is now available at Urban Outfitters stores in North America, and will eventually be coming to other major retailers, including FYE and Barnes & Noble. The figures themselves have been around for some time from specialty retailers, but this will be the first time they're sold at major stores in a non-limited edition capacity. Droid-Life is reporting that the Dyzplastic-created toys — which feature a number of different designs ranging from a Business Droid to a yeti — are currently selling at Urban Outfitters for $10 each. While they've only been announced for North American retail stores, Dyzplastic has said the figures will "hopefully eventually" make it across the pond to Europe as well.