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Kobo Vox e-reader heading to Best Buy stores

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The Kobo Vox 7-inch, Android-based, LCD e-reader goes on sale at Best Buy stores.

Kobo Vox
Kobo Vox

Kobo has announced that its Vox e-reader will now be sold at physical Best Buy stores. The 7-inch, LCD reader costs $199.99 and is positioned as a competitor in a space that has quickly become quite crowded, joining the iPad, the Kindle Fire, and the Nook Color. The Kobo Vox is an Android-based tablet with a custom marketplace of around 15,000 applications, and it also has Kobo's Pulse social reading platform, which allows readers to connect from within the book and do fun things like leave public notes and "like" pages.

All that aside, the Vox e-reader doesn't stack up against its competitors in terms of build quality, ease of use, design, or even price with company like the Fire and the Nook Color. For more on that, check out our full review of the Kobo Vox right here.