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Windows Phone 'Tango' screenshots leak, reveal MMS improvements and memory limitations

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Windows Phone Tango will allegedly include improvements for MMS messages, SIM contacts, and help push minimum hardware requires to 3-megapixel cameras.

HTC Titan stock_1020
HTC Titan stock_1020

Screenshots of an alleged Windows Phone "Tango" build leaked to the internet today and demonstrate a number of new features in Microsoft's next Windows Phone update. Russian site WP7forum says that Tango will include the ability to export contacts to SIM, manage domestic / international roaming, and handle multiple attachments in a single MMS message. MMS currently supports single images and Tango will allegedly add support for video messages too. Microsoft also appears to be building in a native voice recording application for MMS messages.


We have heard a number of details about Tango and its timing, including the fact it will push the minimum hardware requirements down to just 256MB RAM. WP7forum says Tango phones will also drop camera hardware down to just 3-megapixels. Tango users will allegedly receive a warning in the Windows Phone Marketplace if certain applications require additional memory, leading to what many will describe as hardware fragmentation for Windows Phone. Microsoft is expected to unveil its Tango plans, including support for new chipsets, at Mobile World Congress later this month.