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Humble Bundle Mojam will make a cross-genre game in 60 hours for charity

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Minecraft developer Mojang will be teaming up with the Humble Bundle to create a cross-genre game in 60 hours, donating the proceeds to charity.

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Minecraft sheep
Minecraft sheep

We'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better pairing than Mojang (creator of Minecraft) and the Humble Indie Bundle (whose last game sale raised almost a million dollars for developers and charity), but the Humble Bundle Mojam exceeds even our high expectations. This weekend, the Mojang team will be developing a new game and selling it through the Humble Bundle's site, donating all proceeds to charity. The game, built over 60 hours, will be based on themes and genres decided by the public, with a bit of a twist: the developers will choose the highest- and lowest-scoring results from each poll and combine them, meaning that you'll end up with two themes and genres. Given the options, that means we could be seeing the world's first dungeon crawler racing game, or a post-apocalyptic vision of ancient Egypt.

The Humble Bundle site doesn't have any information on the project yet, but Mojang says that updates will be forthcoming from both its official Twitter feed and that of company owner Notch. For now, you'd better get to the source link and make sure we don't end up with a Molyneux-inspired first-person shooter set in a horror take on Candy Land. Although come to think of it, maybe that's exactly what we want.