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Bluetooth-connected Beam toothbrush helps you brush better

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Set to be released next month, the Beam toothbrush uses sensors and a smartphone app to encourage better brushing behavior.

Beam toothbrush
Beam toothbrush

There are already app-and-gadget-combos that help you take good care of your body, and soon there will be one for your teeth. Beam will be introducing a toothbrush and smartphone app in March that are designed to encourage better brushing behavior. The Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush — which will retail for $50 with $3 replaceable heads — transmits brushing data to a free mobile app that includes everything from a history of your brushing habits to a timer to keep you scrubbing for the recommended two minutes. The app also features brushing goals and lets you listen to music while cleaning your teeth. The debut version of the Beam brush will only be able to tell you when you brushed and for how long, but future iterations will use sensors to reveal which part of your mouth you spend the most — and least — time brushing. Beam says that an Android app is already complete, while its iOS counterpart is expected to be available close to next month's launch.