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Verizon preparing to release white 16GB Galaxy Nexus?

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Verizon may be preparing a 16GB white variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for release in the near future.

White Galaxy Nexus
White Galaxy Nexus

Samsung's GSM Galaxy Nexus is already available in both white and black in the UK, but US Verizon customers may soon have some choice when picking their perfect Nexus as well. Droid Life is reporting that the carrier will be releasing a white variant of the LTE phone "in the very near future," though it's said to feature 16GB of storage rather than the current black-and-silver model's 32GB. The carrier has made similar moves before, introducing a white variant of the Droid RAZR last December, and then nixing the 16GB SD card that phone was originally bundled with — while lopping $100 off the asking price. A discounted white Galaxy Nexus would certainly be an appealing option for those still on the fence, but of course it's all just rumors until Verizon itself confirms the news.