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National Library of Israel digitizes the theological texts of Newton for online exhibition

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The theological woks of Sir Isaac Newton are digitized by the National Library of Israel, which owns the manuscripts.

Isaac Newton manuscript
Isaac Newton manuscript

The texts of Sir Isaac Newton can be roughly divided into two groups: the scientific writings, and his theological tracts. The scientific texts are largely held at the University of Cambridge, but the theological texts are housed at the National Library of Israel. The library has digitized these writings and they are now available as part of an online exhibition of the scientist's work. Some of the papers have not been published, and have only been on display once, in 2007. The library, with the support of the David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation and the Newton Project at the University of Cambridge, will create a permanent home for Newton's work on the internet. The work of scanning the trove — some of which are books, some manuscripts — was done by the Newton Project, and the Library's site now has Cambridge's works online as well. The digitized images make up the largest collection of Newton's writings anywhere on the internet, and there are printed versions (one edited, one unedited) available.