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Brand Pages on Facebook to get Timeline upgrade soon?

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AdAge is reporting that brand-focused Facebook Pages will get Timeline support soon, following the recent rollout to all user profiles.

the verge facebook
the verge facebook

Brand pages for social networks seem to be the new hip way for companies to promote themselves on the web, but Facebook's Timeline upgrade for regular user profiles has left its Pages looking comparatively dull. It looks like the balance could be restored soon enough, though, with Timeline apparently set to roll out to brand-focused Pages in the near future. AdAge is reporting that the update will likely be unveiled on February 29th at fMC, Facebook's marketing-focused conference. At first it should be limited to beta access for a few partners, but we should be seeing it roll out for all other brand pages later. It would seem to make sense for Pages in other categories to receive the update as well, though there's no word on that yet. Twitter's recent brand pages update seemed to have been inspired by the Timeline feature, so it's only natural that Facebook would make the same connection. We're not sure how all this will look, but at least this should make it easier for companies to choose their banner image.