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Acer Iconia Tab A100 and A500 getting Android 4.0 in April

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Acer has confirmed that its Iconia Tab A100 and A500 tablets will be upgraded to Android 4.0 in April.

acer a500
acer a500

Acer's Iconia Tab A100 and A500 tablets have been pegged to receive Android 4.0 for a while, but the update has been pushed back quite a bit from the original plan of January. The latest we're hearing is that it's now scheduled for April, according to a tweet from the company's American arm. When it actually does end up arriving, we'd expect the update to go live at the same time for both, with carrier interference thankfully being a non-issue on the Wi-Fi-only tablets. April is also when Acer plans to release the Tegra 3-powered Iconia Tab A510, meaning that come this spring the company should have a pretty solid portfolio of Ice Cream Sandwich devices.