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WebOS Internals developing an early release of Isis browser

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WebOS Internals and HP recently spoke about getting the Isis browser and QtWebKit running on TouchPads before the release of Open webOS 1.0.

project isis
project isis

The big story of Tuesday's Open webOS code release was the inclusion of the Isis browser powered by QtWebKit, and TouchPad owners might get to check out the new browser before the project hits 1.0 later this year. WebOS Internals, a homebrew group dedicated to picking apart the inner workings of webOS, said on its Twitter account that it had spoken with HP about getting a preview build of Isis up and running on current webOS hardware. We spoke with WebOS Internals founder Rod Whitby on the matter and he confirmed the group's plans, but explained Isis won't replace the browser in webOS 3.0.5. Instead, the group intends to release a technology preview of Isis that will run alongside the TouchPad's existing browser.

When HP outlined the governance model for Open webOS, and said that the code for the project would initially come from inside company. Working with WebOS Internals might imply that HP is willing to reach out to the community sooner than expected. If you want to follow the nitty-gritty details on how it all plays out, you can check out Isis' GitHub page.