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Eee Pad Transformer Android 4.0 update delayed

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Asus' Transformer Android 4.0 update will be ready as late as March.

Eee Pad Transformer
Eee Pad Transformer

If you were waiting on the Android 4.0 update for your original Transformer then you might need to hold on for a little while longer. Asus has now revealed the update will be ready "within the Feb / March 2012 period." We're not sure whether that means there is a big delay, but it certainly isn't being pushed out in mid-February as the company previously promised.

Transformer Prime owners are already enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich on their devices, although some users complained of random lockups after the upgrade — an issue that Asus addressed recently. Asus didn't offer a reason for its latest Transformer Android 4.0 delay but we can't help but feel it's trying to avoid a repeat of the issues seen with the Prime.