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HTC unlocks bootloader on Hero, Legend, and more; total reaches 58 devices

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HTC has added more phones to its bootloader unlock tool, including some of the very first Android devices around. The latest additions bring the total number of unlocked devices to 58.

HTC Unlock Process
HTC Unlock Process

HTC has today updated its bootloader unlock system to cover more handsets, including the Hero, Legend, Eris, MyTouch 3G, and myTouch 4G. Last May HTC promised — much to our excitement — that it would cease locking bootloaders entirely, only to double back on that decision months later, instead opting for a web tool for those that wanted to free their devices. It's nice to see smartphones dating back to 2009 receiving some love from HTC, even if a great number of the listed models were already able to have their bootloader unlocked through unofficial means. The latest wave of devices takes the total number of unlockable devices (including carrier variants) to 58. HTC says it's committed to unlocking all of its phones, but there may be some left behind due to carrier restrictions — you can check if your device is on the list in the source link below.