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Fujitsu launching an Eee Pad Transformer rival in September?

Fujitsu launching an Eee Pad Transformer rival in September?


A Fujitsu roadmap shown at a press conference yesterday has yielded a surprise — the company plans to launch a Transformer-like tablet and keyboard combination in September of this year.

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Fujitsu is set to launch a tablet and keyboard combo to rival the Eee Pad Transformer and Lenovo S2 later this year, as shown in a roadmap it revealed in a press conference held yesterday. The detatchable slate has been given a September 2012 release date, but besides that other details are non-existent for now: the operating system, pricing, specs, and availability have all been kept under wraps.

The company's working on new products in a number of other areas too. The slide shows that it has plans for a "mainstream Android media tablet" come June, which could well be a reference to the Fujitsu M532 which was originally slated for release in May. There's also a tablet running Windows 8 (with its instantly recognizable Metro UI) which is given a slightly vague caption of "Windows 8 Launch" — again, no details from Fujitsu, but it's a good indicator of things to come.