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Ebook download site shut down by coalition of international publishers

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Ebook download site and its hosting site have been served with cease-and-desist orders from a group of publishers, leading to the shutdown of and removal of files from

Paper book 1024 marginalia
Paper book 1024 marginalia

In the wake of Megaupload's shutdown, anti-piracy groups are pushing through action against other sites that host or link to pirated works. Ebook link site is the latest to go dark after being served a cease-and-desist order by a group of over a dozen publishers, including Oxford University Press and Elsevier. The group alleged that the site contained links to 400,000 pirated ebooks, which were hosted on cyberlocker, and that the two sites had generated 8 million euros ($10.4 million US) in advertising, though it's not clear whether that's an annual number or a total over's roughly five-year tenure. Unlike, is still operational, but has disabled anonymous uploading and removed ebook files associated with

Besides being probably the biggest dedicated ebook download site, was notable for linking to a large number of academic texts, explaining the prominence of educational publishers like Elsevier in the alliance. The effort was coordinated by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and the International Publishers Association, which say this move shows that international publishing "continues to stand up against organized copyright crime." Unlike with Megaupload, no domains were seized, and it appears that no criminal charges will be filed. Instead,'s status page displays a brief message: "rip lnu."