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Minecraft Lego set due this summer, pre-orders begin at $34.99

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Lego's just opened up pre-ordering for its official Minecraft set, which is due out this summer for $34.99.

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Lego Steve
Lego Steve

Ambitious modders and tinkerers have put all kinds of crazy things into Minecraft, including a functioning 16-bit computer and a recreation of World of Warcraft, but now the game is leaving the digital world for one with more plastic: Lego's just opened up pre-ordering for its official Minecraft set, priced at $34.99. The set includes four modular sections that can be arranged in different ways, Minecraft's stone, sand, wood, water, and lava blocks, and two iconic characters: Steve the adventurer, and the infamous Creeper.

The set was inspired by fans on Lego's Cuusoo project: a Kickstarter-like site that allows Lego fans to submit ideas for new sets and for other fans to vote on projects — ideas that receive over 10,000 votes are reviewed by Lego and have a chance at becoming an official Lego product. The Minecraft project was the first on Cuusoo to receive 10,000 votes, and Lego says it's "in the middle of a record six-month journey from concept to finished product." And instead of reaping Lego's one percent royalty for Cuusoo creators, Mojang, creator of Minecraft, will be donating one-percent of proceeds from the project to charity. The set has already landed in our hearts, and it'll arrive in stores sometime this summer.