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Droid 4 wireless charging made possible with $39.99 cover from Verizon

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With a new battery cover you can add wireless charging to your Droid 4.

Droid 4 replacement battery cover
Droid 4 replacement battery cover

Verizon is now selling an accessory that adds wireless charging to the Droid 4's lineup of features. The company has introduced a wireless battery cover for $39.99, which replaces the standard cover to allow for inductive charging — making it the first Verizon LTE phone to offer such an accessory without a removable battery. In order to use the wireless charging you'll also need a charging pad, which, if you don't already own one, can cost as much or more than the cover itself: Verizon's own charging pad will run you $49.99, for instance. Of course, being able to charge the Droid 4 wirelessly won't improve the device's iffy battery life, but it does make keeping that battery fully juiced a bit more convenient — and it also adds another feature to distinguish the device from the Droid RAZR.