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Gnip teams up with Twitter to become first authorized seller of historical Tweets

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Social media company Gnip announces a partnership with Twitter to bring searchable historical Tweets to customers.


The problem with, and sometimes the joy of Twitter is that it's like a constant present: getting at a stream of Tweets older than a few days can be done, but nobody's making it easy for you. Of course, the people who are possibly most interested in that information are advertisers and marketers, many of whom would be willing to shell out money to gain access to all that older data. And, now they're going to have their chance.

Gnip, a company which provides enterprise businesses social media data, has announced it will be the first company to gain official access to historical data directly from Twitter. Gnip says that this arrangement came about because it has been working with the Library of Congress on its project to archive all Twitter data and then make it accessible online for non-commercial purposes. Gnip's data will apparently only range back about 30 days, but it's better than endlessly scrolling or clunkily searching, we'd guess. The Library of Congress project, which will be full access to all of Twitter's Tweets will be explicitly for non-commercial uses upon completion.

Gnip was also Twitter's first authorized seller of Twitter data back in the end of 2010, but that deal didn't cover historical information.