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Nokia Lumia 800 bundle now at Microsoft Stores for $899

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The $899 Nokia Lumia 800 bundle, which also includes headphones, a speaker, and a Bluetooth earpiece, is now available at Microsoft Store retail locations.

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nokia lumia 800
nokia lumia 800

We brought news of an exclusive Nokia Lumia 800 bundle destined for brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store locations just over a week ago, and have now confirmed that the $899 package is available for purchase. A friendly rep at the Tysons Corner, Virginia store verified that the unsubsidized handset — along with the Nokia Play 360 speaker, Purity HD headset, and a Bluetooth earpiece — is now awaiting you on the shelves of your nearest Microsoft boutique. While WPCentral reports that a magenta color scheme is being offered, the locations we contacted only had black in stock at the moment. If you're on AT&T and can no longer stand the wait for the LTE-enabled Lumia 900, refresh yourself with our Lumia 800 review and check out this list of Microsoft's current shops. If there's nothing in driving distance just yet, there might be soon.